Training and Development Services

It’s a fact: employees who are well trained are more effective in their job, can better serve customers, and are happier at work. Over time, this leads to lower employee turnover and more satisfied customers which produces greater results.

It’s a fact:  investing in your employees development has become one of the top recruiting tools

There are other benefits to investing in training your employees: such as a higher level of engagement, were your employees feel more confident in their abilities and desire to innovate and improve operations for the organization.

What is the time commitment? Although there isn’t a one-size-fits all answer… Employee training can be as short as an hour or it can consist of a series of workshops spanning several days.  Extended HR will work with you to design a training and development program that is right for you and your people.

Currently our training programs are only offered in-person.  

Training topics include:

1 hour sessions: $49*

·        Customer Service for all occupations – go ahead take the extra step

·        How to be a Great Team Member

·        Organization and Time Management Skills

·        Providing Meaningful Feedback

·        HR compliance for managers and supervisors

·        Documentation: Is it worth the time?

·        Respect Training – Harassment free (non-supervisor)

2 hour sessions: $99*

·        Lead Worker Training –

·        Effectively Managing Employee Performance

·        How to Have Difficult Conversations with Employees

·        Interviewing & Selecting the Best Employees

·        Maintaining a Harassment Free Work Environment – (Supervisor and Managers)

·        Leader as Coach: Keys to Unlocking Employee Potential


2 – 2 hr sessions: $199*

·        First Time Supervisors – Being a supervisor is no easy task, but being a new supervisor presents an even greater challenge. Learn to anticipate these challenges and how to effectively respond. During this training we will touch on the following topics:

*Rates are per person – discounts available for groups of 4 or more. Contact us for more details.

Industry Specific Training

·        We are always looking at new training.  If you have specific needs, please contact us on the form below indicating what training you are looking to obtain.  We will contact you for more details.

HR Training for HR:

·        Coming soon.

·        If you have a topic you would like covered, please complete the contact information below with specifics.

If you are interested in attending or having training provided on-site, please contact us indicating your interest and we will get back to you for further details.

Note: Training material is provided as an education tool only. Training is not intended to constitute legal advice. If you need legal advice, we can assist you in connecting with a skilled Attorney that is experienced in the practice of Employment Law.